Smart-Dry 6 All-Purpose Drying Cabinet

6 gear dryer with simple controls and factory preset temperatures ensure proper drying temperature for each unique clothing or turnout item.

SKU: SDC-6 Dimensions: 71" x 31.5" x 77"
  • NFPA 1851 Compliant
  • Gentle drying without mechanical action
  • Dries from the inside and outside simultaneously using a dual circulation system
  • Program ends with "cool down" to room temperature
  • Equipped with Humidity Tracking System (HTS) which uses temperature and humidity sensors to detect the moisture level and stop the drying process when the gear is dry
  • Programmable control
  • 6 detachable hangers are included in the standard design
  • Optional accessories: detachable racks for gloves, detachable racks for boots, and door hook racks for additional gear
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The Smart‑Dry 6 All-Purpose Drying Cabinet offers innovative solutions for firefighters and first responders. The Smart-Dry 6 Drying Cabinet is easy to use, economical in power consumption and offers high process reliability. Equipped with six specially-designed hangers that dry turnout gear and other PPE from the inside and the outside simultaneously. The system circulates hot air around the outside of the garments and another system circulates hot air inside the suits by directing hot air into the hangers. The hangers can easily be replaced with racks for boots or gloves and interior door mounted racks for small garments or accessories are available. There is no mechanical action during the drying process which extends the fabrics service life. Programs can also be set for other PPE garments and station wear. The Smart‑Dry 6 All-Purpose Drying Cabinet meets NFPA 1851 standards.

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