Extractor 22

The Extractor 22 (EW 22) is a soft mounted turnout gear washer that is programmed to meet NFPA 1851 compliance, making firefighter PPE safer and last longer.

  • Follows NFPA 1851 guidelines for proper PPE maintenance
  • Standard power hookup (120v)
  • Utilizes standard plumbing hookups
  • Soft mount design, easy install
  • 22lb. drum holds 4 pieces of turnout gear
  • Connections available for an optional automatic soap injector
  • Front load design
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The Extractor 22 (EW22) is designed to follow current NFPA 1851 guidelines. Its front load capability and 22lb drum make it a great option for washing two sets of turnout gear. Additionally, the EW22 wash cycles are user friendly and specific to the firefighting industry. With PPE wash cycles such as, Outer Shells and Liners, we have engineered the EW22 to be simple, straight forward, and to get the job done. The EW22 boasts other fire station friendly features such as a soft-mount design, standard water hookups, 120v electrical, and is compatible with automatic soap dispensers.

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