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NEW | Decon Ready Cleaning and Decontamination Line

Firefighters are in a constant battle with keeping themselves and their stations clean! As a result, Ready Rack set a goal to make decon easier for first responders. Ready Rack has created a new turnout gear, fire house cleaner, and detergent line called Decon Ready™ in order to continue making strides toward our goal! In fact, we believe that our Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent, PPE & MultiSurface Cleaner, and Skin Cleanser set a new standard for how firefighters clean their PPE, fire station, and themselves!

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Why Decon Ready™ Products?

Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent is the recommended detergent for our PPE Extractors. Like the Extractor 22 and 30, Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent is also NFPA 1851: 2020 compliant and very easy to use! When it comes cleaning equipment and the station, Decon Ready™ PPE & MultiSurface Cleaner is an extremely powerful surface cleaner. We suggest using it on PPE, fire department floors, helmets, SCBA, and more!

We are thrilled to have the absolute best decon solutions coming to the market! To assure this, Ready Rack asked Ken Destree, a Deputy Fire Chief from Cary, Illinois, to give the new Decon Ready™ products a shot before release, he said:

“The new Decon Ready™ line was some of the best we’ve used!
It worked great for getting our gear and firefighters
safely cleaned and ready for the next call!”
Ken Destree
Deputy Fire Chief - Cary, IL

Decon Ready PPE Laundry Detergent

Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent – 1 Gallon

Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent washes and protects clothing and turnout gear by following NFPA 1851: 2020, making it easier than ever to ensure your protective gear lasts longer! Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent can pull out dirt, toxic chemicals, metal oxides, plastic residue, soot, drug residue, and cationic nuclear isotopes from turnouts without including harmful chemicals such as D-limonene. In addition, this detergent doesn’t contain any citrus-based solvents! In short, Decon Ready™ PPE Laundry Detergent keeps your gear clean without destroying it in the process!

  • Complies with the newly passed NFPA 1851: 2020 requirements
  • Does not contain citric-based cleaners such as D-limonene
  • Cleans off hydrocarbons, soot, grease, oil, cancer causing metal oxides, plastics, chemicals, and all three classes of contaminants
  • Adjustage pH prolongs the life of expensive PPE coatings
  • Offers improved CDC developed decon science and leaves no residue, preventing on scene flash-offs
  • Does not contain fragrance, optical brighteners, whiteners or bleach
  • New patent-pending innovative technology decontaminates and cleans without damaging expensive turnout gear
  • Available in 1 gallon & 5 gallon containers

Decon Ready PPE & Multi‑Surface Cleaner

Decon Ready™ PPE & Multi-Surface Cleaner - 1 Quart Spray Bottle

Firehouse and PPE cleaners need to be tough without leaving anything harmful behind or damaging expensive gear! Many cleaners that take on oil, grease, and soot can harm your health or damage PPE. For this reason, Decon Ready™ PPE & Multi‑Surface Cleaner goes above and beyond typical all-purpose cleaners by meeting and exceeding NFPA 1851 standards for cleaning turnout gear. In addition to being safe to use on PPE, it is also safe for the fire apparatus, helmets, SCBA, and more!

  • Effective and versatile cleaning capabilities
  • Removes hydrocarbons, soot, grease, oil, cancer causing metal oxides, plastics, chemicals and other toxins
  • Simply wipe or rinse dirt away
  • Ready-to-use and environmentally safe
  • Does not contain citric-based cleaners such as D-limonene
  • Does not contain denatured alcohol which hurts the protective coating on your gear
  • Does not contain fragrance, optical brighteners, whiteners or bleach
  • Available in 1 quart spray bottles

Decon Ready
Skin Cleanser

Decon Ready™ Skin Cleanser - 1 Gallon Pump Bottles with Refillable 18.5 oz. Bottle

Decon Ready™ Skin Cleanser is a foaming soap designed to help firefighters safely lift toxins away from their skin after the job or handling dirty gear. This firehouse cleansing soap does not contain trisodium phosphates, which are dangerous to first responders because they may help transport toxins deeper into the skin layers and possibly into the bloodstream. Decon Ready™ Skin Cleanser does everything your regular soap does and more. This makes it an essential for firefighters to reduce exposure to cancer causing contaminants.

  • Removes soot, chemicals, metals, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), drug residue, dirt and grime from your skin
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like EDTA and phosphates, nor skin softeners like aloe vera that open skin pores to allow toxins to enter the bloodstream
  • Improves firefighter hygiene
  • Does everything regular soap does plus removes cancer causing contaminants as well as dirt and grime
  • Pleasant lemongrass scent
  • Available in 1 gallon pump bottles with refillable 18.5 oz. bottle

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