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By: Ready Rack | Date: 08-25-2021

Ready Rack by Groves, Inc. carries firefighter turnout gear washers, dryers, storage racks, and helmets that are built to withstand the demanding fire department environments. All of them are made to keep firefighters safer by following to NFPA guidelines! Below, you will find a few highlights from the wash, dry, store, and protect products lines, to make it easier than ever to keep firefighters safer when outfitting your station with racking, appliances, or gear.

"We provide the gear that
fire stations are designed around!"

Fire Department Storage

The Red Rack is a peak in fire station storage design! It achieves this with an easy installation process while having a strong steel makeup. In fact, every Red Rack has a robust powder coat finish to increase longevity. This powder coating is so strong, it withstands our 184 hour salt spray test! In addition, each locker compartment is available in 18, 20, or 24 inch widths. These features makes sure that turnout gear is safe and ready for the next call! With that in mind, let’s run through why firefighters choose the Red Rack!

Firefighters choose the Red Rack because of its versatility, strength, and (of course) sleek design! Not to mention, it also offers proper airflow and UV light protection to maintain turnout gear. For this reason, Ready Rack offers a variety of hangers to assure great ventilation within the Red Rack. If extra UV protection is needed, our Gear Guard covers can also be attached to the Red Rack. Below, you will find more features and specs for the Red Rack!

  • Stands up to demanding firefighting environments
  • Keeps PPE & equipment organized
  • Allows access to wall outlets
  • Powder coating withstands UV light
  • Safety and assembly guides make it easy to install
  • Five year limited warranty on manufacturer defect included

Turnout Gear Washing

Hard Mounted Extractor

At Ready Rack, we believe that it’s important for fire stations to prefect their turnout gear decon routines! One of the best ways to do this is to outfit your station with firefighter PPE extractors that are NFPA 1851 compliant. With Ready Rack extractors, your department can ensure a proper, yet simple wash cycle. In addition to that, they can also take multiple pieces of bunker gear shells or liners at a time!

Ready Rack expanded the Health & Wellness product line to make it easier for firefighters to wash their PPE to keep them safer and help their gear last longer. We now carry a both a soft mounted and hard mounted extractor line that range from 22lb. to 70lb. drum capacities. Learn more about how simple it is to get decon done right with Ready Rack extractors below.

  • NFPA 1851 compliant
  • Front loading design
  • Compatible with an optional automatic soap injector
  • Soft Mount:
    • Soft mount design is easy to install
    • Standard power hookup (120v)
    • Uses standard plumbing hookups
    • EW22 holds up-to 4 pieces of turnout gear
    • EW30 holds up-to 6 pieces of turnout gear
    • In Stock Now
  • Hard Mount:
    • Ready Rack offers hard mount installation
    • EWHM40 holds up-to 8 pieces of turnout gear
    • EWHM55 holds up-to 10 pieces of turnout gear
    • EWHM70 holds up-to 14 pieces of turnout gear
    • Anticipated Shipping Starts 12/1/2021

Turnout Gear Drying

Get your personal protective gear clean, dry, and ready for action with express turnout gear dryers from Ready Rack. Our Firehouse Express PPE dryers are commercial-grade and NFPA compliant. These electric drying cabinets are built to last and come with a 10-year warranty. Dry between 2 and 6 sets of bunker gear in a few hours! The flexibility of included hangers and shelving, along with optional hose drying racks, makes this system perfect for firefighter SCBA and fire hoses, too.

  • NFPA 1851 compliant
  • Industry leading 10-Year warranty
  • 850 – 900 CFM speeds
  • Dry times can vary depending on environmental conditions and cabinet placement. 
  • Dry turnout gear, hose, dive suits, & more
  • Commercial grade construction
  • Includes hangers and shelves

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