Product Refresh – PPE Dryers

As Ready Rack by Groves Incorporated continues to lead the market within our decontamination line of products, it is important to remember the importance of safely and efficiently drying your turnout gear after it is washed. Ready Rack’s current line of dryers, made for a maximum of either two or six sets of gear, have proven to provide a high-quality experience with effective dry times at a great price.

We are happy to announce a few changes to our drying line of products. Effectively immediately, we are offering the FH2G and FH6G drying cabinets. These new products maintain the same two and six gear capacities while offering enhancements such as thicker cabinet walls, better airflow, and additional heating elements.

Our new FH2G and FH6G also come with ten-year warranties. The FH2G and FH6G are available for purchase now with anticipated available ship dates of December 9th, 2019. With the addition of the FH2G and FH6G, we will be discontinuing the PPEHD and PPE2G effective November 30th, 2019.

Ready Rack by Groves Incorporated is proud to serve the heroes of the firefighting community and will continue to innovate and add more products to our line. We work to improve the health and lifestyle of our firefighters while keeping them safe to fight another day.

Learn more about Ready Rack today to better prepare for tomorrow.

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