Health and Wellness Webinar

Health and Wellness Webinar

By: Ready Rack | Date: 02-05-2021

Catch up on the latest PPE care products in our Health and Wellness Webinar!

At Ready Rack, we believe that it’s important for fire stations to prefect their turnout gear decon routines! One of the best ways to do this is to outfit your station with firefighter PPE care products that are NFPA 1851 compliant. By doing this, your department can ensure a proper wash with a quick drying turnaround. In addition to that, they can also take multiple sets of bunker gear shells or liners at a time!

Learn about how simple it is to care for your PPE by watching our webinar.

We believe that by creating a full decontamination line that is both easy to install and operate, we come closer to achieving our goal of helping our heroes stay safer than ever before on the job. Check out the full Firefighter Health & Wellness line below!

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