COVID Turnout Gear Webinar

COVID-19 Webinar Recap – 4/9/2020

By: Ready Rack | Date: 07-10-2020

This webinar presents the proper processing of your turnout gear and clothing after exposure to the COVID-19 / Corona Virus.

  • When: April 9, 2020, 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
  • Topic: Processing of turnouts exposed to COVID-19
  • Hosted By: Groves
  • Moderated By Tom Martin

Panel Of Subject Matter Experts

Presented By: Tim Tomlinson & Jeff Stull
Q&A Session Supported: Dr. Christina Baxter & Jim Evans

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My Turnouts & Clothing Have Been Exposed To COVID-19

We continue to get the combined question:
1. How do I kill the COVID-19 virus?
2. What method will get our gear back in service the quickest?

To address those questions we have a follow-up webinar this Thursday at 2 pm eastern time with the same esteemed panel of experts that presented our last public webinar on the safe handling of gear exposed to COVID-19.   This next webinar will assume you’ve watched the previously covered topic of utilizing appropriate PPE for working around the COVID-19 virus.

Our panel will be available throughout the hour to address your questions.

Webinar Outline

Tim Tomlinson will present industry-standard methods of processing gear contaminated with biological hazards including preliminary exposure reduction (P.E.R.)

Jeff Stull will present wash methods within 1851 and how effective they are against the COVID-19 virus to separate fact, from fiction, and address hearsay.

Christina Baxter will join the panel during our Q&A / Discussion to address subject matter that carries over into her areas of expertise on the safe handling of your gear & proper PPE.

Tim Tomlinson

Tim Tomlinson is a 20-year veteran firefighter and Chairman of:

Tim also operates one of the leading Independent Service Provider organizations in the state of Texas.

Jeffrey O. Stul

Jeffrey O. Stull is President of International Personnel Protection, Inc., which has provided expertise, research, and testing on the design, evaluation, selection, and use of personnel protective equipment (PPE) to end-users and manufacturers since 1993.

He further has been instrumental in developing and promoting PPE standards for the improvements of PPE. He was one of the two Ebola grand challenge winners to develop PPE for West Africa in 2014 and

Jeff is currently is heading the “How Clean is Clean” project by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Protection Research Foundation that provided the research and testing supporting cleaning and sanitization verification requirements for fighter PPE in the latest edition of NFPA 1851.

Dr. Christina Baxter

Dr. Christina Baxter is the CEO of Emergency Response TIPS, LLC which:

  • Provides practical, evidence-based solutions for emergency response through the development of next-generation tools for enhanced situational awareness and responder safety.
  • Instructional design materials for instructor-led and web-based programs in the areas of CBRNE, hazardous materials, and clandestine laboratory response; technology transition guidance for emerging technologies.
  • Emergency planning for hazardous materials and emergency response.

Prior to forming Emergency Response TIPS, LLC,  Dr. Baxter was the CBRNE Program Manager for the Department of Defense’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office where she was responsible for identifying capability gaps in the combating terrorism CBRNE mission space, illuminating or developing innovative solutions, and delivering them to military, interagency, and law enforcement operators in the field as rapidly as possible.

Dr. Baxter holds B.S. degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She has greater than 25 years of experience in the hazardous materials/CBRN response community where she remains active in teaching and participating in standards development processes.

She is currently the chairperson of the NFPA Technical Committee on Chemical Protective Clothing and is a member of the NFPA Technical Committees on Hazardous Materials/WMD Operations; Firefighter Health and Safety; Technical Committee on Tactical and Technical SCBA; and, others.

Dr. Baxter is also a member of the Interagency Board, the IAFC Hazmat Committee, and the IAFF’s Hazmat Advisory Board.

Jim Evans

Jim Evans is the current President of Solutions Safety Products & Services, Inc.…He has been involved with Safety and Health programs for over 35 years developing PPE programs for both Industrial and Fire Service. He was the lead instructor and SME for the TEEX (Texas A&M) NFPA 1851 program from 2002 thru 2009….

Evans has served on several NFPA 1851 task groups at the request of the Chairman….In 2003 Jim was instrumental in working with U.S. congressional membership in getting the first pilot NFPA 1851 program funded thru military appropriations.

Jim was the COO for Solutions Safety Services, Inc. the largest ISP in the nation from 2003 thru 2007, and developed the 1851 systems and programs that are now used in hundreds of Fire Departments throughout the U.S. including, Dallas F.D, Houston F.D, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, San Francisco F.D, Sacramento F.D., Sac Metro Fire, Phoenix F.D., Fort Worth F.D. CalFire Riverside County, Orange County Fire Authority.

Evans most recently was assigned by the Chairman of NFPA 1851 to the core NFPA 1851 Decontamination and Cleaning Task Group that worked on “How Clean Is Clean” and set the new cleaning standards for ISP verification that are now in the 2020 Edition of NFPA 1851.

Tom Martin
VP Sales & Marketing
Groves Inc. / Ready Rack

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