COVID Turnout Gear Webinar

COVID-19 Webinar Post Event Q & A – 3/27/2020

By: Brian Lowry | Date: 03-29-2020
These were the questions that were posed to the panel through the advanced submission form. If your question was missed you may submit another.


Answers / Reference Link

Respiratory Reuse guidelines
We are presently planning to use Vital Oxide as an initial gross deconing for any structural gear that  may get exposed to Covid-19 , then advocating the gear be washed in an extractor. Vital oxide states their disinfectant is compatible with turn out gear for this use. My question is, with out endorsing a specific disinfectant. What “ingredients” in any disenfectant should we stay away from if it’s expected it could be used on turnout gear?
Alternative ppe options
What household chemical is the best for Decon of Fire Gear?
We are currently using an eltrocstatic sprayer to decon our ambulances, fire apparatus, and police cruisers. We are using an EPA approved product called Selectrocide 1G. Our Division uses Lion RedZone PPE. In the event that a memeber is wearing their structural PPE and they come in contact with a PUI or person that is a confirmed COVID19 carrier, can that disnfectant be utilized on the PPE or would it need to be taken OOS, bagged, and laundered at our laundering facility? If the product can be utilized does it have any effect on the material and decrease its use life or void any manufacture warranty?
What would you recommend for on scene decon for EMS gear?
What is your recommendation for decon of SCBA’s from the COVID 19 virus?
Are there specific sprays/disinfectants and techniques we can use on our medical and turnout jackets that will effectively decon without degrading the material?  Laundering after each incident is not practical.
We have heard estimates of the livespan of the virus on several different surface types. Do we know what the average lifespan of the virus is, on Nomex ?
I understand the different lifespans of the virus on different surfaces is still a little solid, but what about duty uniforms and turnout gear? My organization runs volunteer BLS service as well as first responders. What is the standard for the gear and uniforms? Will standard gear solutions work? Or do we decommission the said gear and uniforms?
There are lots of questions about which disinfectants to use when cleaning turnouts.  The CDC has a long list (List N) which also includes chlorine agents and they are not permitted by NFPA 1851.  What should the end user look for in a disinfectant?
Instructions on cleaning
What is the best decon solution to use in the field
Does routine washing in an extractor eliminate COVID-19 pathogen
Guidance on cleaning and disinfection of Turnout Gear for Covid -19 Concerns?  Clean in Extractor at 140 degrees?
Can you provide some data on how to effectively use UV to Decon and what are the implication for breakdown of the PPE due to UV exposure
One question I have, is that there are UV disinfectant unit for fire stations, facilities, and apparatus.  Can you provide us with some data and guidelines for us on how it effect PPE? Hoods and gloves? Station wear?  Any data you have?   I know UV sun rays deteriorate fibers, not sure about these machines.
What Cleaning solution do you recommend for INNOTEX turn out gear??
While I realize the base of this lecture is regarding PPE Garments, if there is time I would like to know what are suggestions for on scene decontamination of SCBA. Many departments are having to turn to using SCBA’s for SARS CoV-2 suspected patients because we are running out of N-95’s.
What is the best way to decontaminate turnout gear on scene?
As an ISP , how concerned should I be about handling gear , we now use the basic procedures recommended in NFPA 1851 and follow the SOP of disinfecting and sanitizing PPE first befoe we seperate gear and do an advanved clean is this good.
In the absence of a steady supply of tyvek coveralls, would turnout pants and boots used with gowns gloves and masks provide the lowest level of potential cross contamination to fire stations?
Please talk about the Particle blocking hoods, and their ability to stop the COVID-19 virus. Should they be worn in conjunction with a N95 mask? Thanks
A customer was looking for a disinfectant that could be applied via spray bottle to contaminated gear and then washed down in the field similar to decon for haz mat. Any suggestions? Obviously it would need to be something that would not harm te gear components.
Can I soak my PPE in a pre-made up solution of disenfectant and then just do an Advanced Clean,
This may be an already covered topic, but I’m going to ask for the sake of asking. Without the access of an extractor for gear, will Dawn and scrubbing working to killing the contaminated gear? If not, can leaving the gear in the heat of the day kill the virus? (Since heat supposedly kills the virus) Or, will the gear require a full breakdown and complete cleaning? (Since the shell is just that, and the vapor barrier may catch it.
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