Citrosqueeze® + SC-14®

Citrosqueeze® and SC-14® are two cleaning solutions from SC Products that set the standard for defining how to clean your PPE and your station. Citrosqueeze® is our go-to PPE detergent that we recommend with the Ready Rack Extractors, while SC-14® is an extremely powerful surface cleaner we suggest be used on floors, diamond plating, helmets, and more!

Citrosqueeze PPE and Turnout Gear Cleaner protects the original performance of your apparel while removing harmful carcinogens and toxins, and is NFPA 1851 Compliant. Our unique formulations are designed to provide maximum cleaning power while having no adverse effect on sensitive materials like FR fabrics, reflective tapes, metals, painted surfaces, and pretty much anything else. Keep your gear, equipment, vehicles, and tools clean and healthy, without destroying it in the process.

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